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Mobile Commerce in 2021: Insights from a Magento Development Company

Smartphone-based shopping, or mCommerce, has been steadily increasing every year but is now more crucial than ever. The global COVID-19 pandemic not only increased mobile commerce but completely reshaped the way consumers move between digital and physical channels. Omnichannel and mobile solutions are no longer an option, but a necessity, as customers are increasingly using three channels to shop locally: Shopper...

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Three Ways a Magento eCommerce Development Company Can Help Businesses Thrive

Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business can feel like a daunting task. Whether you're venturing into digital commerce for the first time or are seeking to upgrade existing functionality, there are dozens of options for sellers of all sizes. Magento is a highly flexible, cost-effective solution that powers 12% of all eCommerce sites and counting. It offers a vast...

Headless Commerce: The Future of Digital Commerce

In its simplest form, headless commerce is an eCommerce solution where the frontend presentation (head) has been decoupled from the backend commerce functionality using progressive web APIs. As ecommerce is adapting multichannel sales model, such as on mobile, social, or IoT channels, the traditional eCommerce platforms are not nimble. For all those different devices, you need to have a separate...

Unwarping the Gift of Giving

The year 2020 has seen a dramatic shift in the consumers buying behavior. A total of 18 percent growth has been anticipated for the ecommerce industry where as brick and mortar retail is projected to witness a 14 percent overall dip. The big question is – Are you prepared for the big cash flow? Concretize your ecommerce marketing efforts with...

Progressive Web Apps- A Faster and Modern Approach for Mobile Application Development

Progressive web apps are helping business particularly ecommerce turn their website into mobile applications that are robust, secure and highly available. They particularly take advantage of the much larger web ecosystem, plugins and community and the relative ease of deploying and maintaining a website when compared to a native application in the respective app stores. Thus progressive web apps in way...

Discover How Incorporating Subscription Service Helps You a Steady Revenue Flow

The subscription business model has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t unit recent the business leaders realized the true potential of subscription box. The prefiltration of internet has kick-start that subscription services. Owing to this, there has been a steady rise in the number of brands opting for a subscription services in their business model. ...