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      ecommerce trends 2022

      An overview of digital commerce trends for 2022

      The digital medium has pervaded almost every field since the past decade and the story isn’t different for commerce and allied services. In a post-pandemic world, things have changed even dramatically than before, making it mandatory for many services to carry out business activities virtually. However, an important question to ask here is – What’s the extent to which digital commerce can evolve keeping abreast with current times? Will a resurgence of the virus compel most e-commerce businesses to resort to newer and more efficient practices, or will traditional e-commerce survive? This blog attempts to answer such queries by mainly looking at some of the trends an e-commerce development company might need to adapt to, for thriving in 2022 and beyond.

      • Customer Personalization

      The pandemic certainly was like an alarm for many businesses to reorder their digital commerce strategy, mainly putting increased emphasis on customer experience. After all, a virtual medium cannot bank on the physical presence of a customer, and even more so when a global disaster disturbs all commercial aspects. Personalization of customer expectations is gaining much traction for businesses selling through the digital medium. Smart and legally bound use of site search history, product recommendations, and accurate mapping of customer interaction points are key for organizations to shape up to this trend in 2022.

      • AI and API-based Commerce

      There is no business operating through a digital domain that cannot benefit through the application of Artificial Intelligence. Customers want quick results and instant answers to their queries and AI is the way to optimize as well as automate the customer journeys. Right from attracting the right customers, to showing them the desired products, answering FAQs, to checkout and processing of delivery and invoices, AI has proven to be effective in all these milestones. API (Application Programming Interface) based flexible commerce through digital means is being adopted by many e-commerce businesses, ultimately presenting themselves as an e-commerce integration company. AI is probably the only way by which omnichannel and tailored digital commerce could be successfully carried out in the future.

      • Enterprise Marketplace

      This is one of the most crucial trends that e-commerce businesses need to adopt, to blossom in 2022, which is to shine out as an enterprise marketplace platform. Customers do not just want convenience and regulated prices. Many are ready to pay the top dollar, but they want the whole package that provides a variety of services under a single roof. This is the Enterprise approach that digital commerce organizations are gradually embracing. The rules of online commerce have changed, and customers want their tastes to be prioritized. Bundling together a smart combination of services and user experiences for an intelligent marketplace – that is the goal for global digital commerce business in 2022.

      There are many companies that help e-commerce companies to stay relevant to these trends in the upcoming years. Allure is one such global name in this industry and carries the mantle of a certified Magneto Developer in New York and other regions as well. We develop specialized solutions for B2C as well B2B brands and offer smart and customized e-commerce optimization strategies for the same. Along with a superb quality of user experience and design elements, and a fantastic user interface as well, Allure’s experts also provide exceptional support for your business operations.

      An Adobe-certified Ecommerce Development Agency to realize the full potential of your e-commerce.



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