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      Insights From a Magento Development Agency
      Best Magento Development Agency

      How Working with a Magento Development Agency Boosts Business Growth?

      Digital commerce is booming, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Magento, a leading eCommerce platform, predicts that sales in the U.S. will exceed $400 billion through 2024.

      Moving to an online or hybrid digital/physical sales model offers many benefits for growing retailers. Whether you’re just starting with eCommerce or have been operating an online store for years, working with an eCommerce development expert can revolutionize the way you do business.

      “A system like Magento lends itself well to agile implementation. This fact means you can roll out updates as needed without waiting for one major site upgrade that drains budgets and clogs operations. By partnering with a certified Magento Development Agency, you can see a great positive impact on business growth.”

      What to Look for When Selecting a Magento Development Agency?

      Adobe Certification

      • Adobe’s Magento certification program provides peace of mind when searching for Magento developers. Certified doesn’t mean expensive, either! Adobe’s partner list includes a variety of skilled, affordable Magento development experts.
      • By choosing to work with an officially certified partner, you can rest assured that you’re working with experienced Magento developers.
      • These experts are skilled in the Magento system and understand how to best leverage it to fit your needs and budget.

      Omnichannel Expertise

      • Qualified, bespoke Magento developers will be able to show you a portfolio that highlights how they’ve developed omnichannel solutions.
      • Because so many shoppers are crossing between desktop, mobile, and in-store retail channels every day, it is vital to have a solution that works across the board.

      White Hat SEO Principles

      • Any certified Magento certified eCommerce agency should be engaging in SEO best practices, aka “white hat SEO.”
      • These experts understand that playing by the SEO rulebook benefits clients long-term, helping to avoid any adverse effects or penalties brought about by questionable optimization tactics.

      What to Expect from a Magento Certified eCommerce Agency?

      Improved User Experience

      • Magento’s structure prioritizes the principles of a good user experience.
      • Bespoke Magento developers know how to leverage this further through intuitive catalog navigation, simple site architecture, and the use of filtering and variation tools.

      Higher Mobile Conversions

      • Custom yet affordable Magento development can ensure your site offers an excellent mobile experience to every shopper.
      • Certified experts can leverage Adobe’s PWA Studio to create fast and responsive Progressive Web Apps that eliminate the need for a costly, cumbersome native app.

      Seamless Personalization

      • Certified Magento eCommerce development experts understand how to best utilize the vast array of integrations available in Magento’s marketplace.
      • Magento plugins allow for greater data collection and personalization based on your customers’ habits and preferences.

      Plan Ahead with a Bespoke Magento Developer

      With the help of an affordable Magento app developer, your business can fine-tune and tailor its Magento experience to be what you need. By starting to plan your work with a Magento-certified eCommerce agency now, your business will be ready to reap the benefits of a growing digital commerce industry throughout 2021 and beyond.

      That’s why so many top businesses choose Adobe Commerce. It provides the fastest time to market with a feature-rich and flexible solution that includes:

      • Single platform for B2B and B2C
      • Connects with backend systems
      • Scalable, cloud-based commerce
      • Extensive B2B functionality
      • Personalized shopping experiences
      • Global ecosystem of B2B experts

      Allure Commerce is an office solution partner with Adobe.

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